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We offer a variety of services to diagnose and treat multiple medical problems. 

  • Physical Exams:  for new patients and for yearly physical exams 45 min detailed exam
  • EKGs:  performed and interpreted on premises
  • Holter Monitors:  performed and interpreted on premises
  • Labs: drawn here in the office for your convience.  
    • All blood work is sent out to Quest and LabCorp.  Axis Labs are available on our first floor.  
    • HbA1c done by finger stick and results in 5 minutes. 
    • LFT's and fasting lipids done by finger stick and results in 5 minutes while you wait. 

On the spot interpretation allows for our staff to adjust your medicines if needed without the wait.

  • Vaccines:  most vaccines are offered here
    • Tetnus/diptheria
    • Pneumovax,
    • HEP A & B
    • Menigococcal
    • PPD's (zostivax and gardisil can be obtained by your local pharmacy)
  • PFT's:  we perform simple spirometry in the office
  • PENS:  Dr. Sadel performs percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation -- a modality used to help treat low back pain, neck pain, certain muscular pain, and some types of neuropathies
  • TENS and Rebuilder:  Dr. Sadel offer tens stimulation and rebuilder (tens stimulation for lower extremity peripheral neuropathy)
  • Diabetic Management:
    • Nutritional Counseling
    • Weight Loss Sessions
    • Smoking Cessation Counseling all performed by Joanne Markowitz, CRNP
  • Joint aspiraton, trigger point injection
  • Skin tag removal and other minor surgical procedures
  • Ear lavage
  • Wound Care
  • On the spot pt/inr for those of you on coumadin.  Inr's back in 60 seconds for easy managment of coumadin.
  • We offer very low calorie diets made by Robard to treat obesity
  • Travel medicine---all vaccines including yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis, and typhoid if needed for your travels are offered in our office.  WHO yellow passports can be obtained in our office

  To limit distractions and to better serve his patients in the office, Dr. Sadel no longer follows patients in the hospital.  Any of his patients who is admitted to a hospital will be followed by a hospitalist.  

For any questions please e-mail me at: drkeithsadel@verizon.net

Keith Sadel MD Internal Medicine